A very happy gamer sits in front of his spoils

A Long Introduction

Where do I start with this? Should I give you a short recap of my history and everything that led to this very blog post you are reading? Would you prefer it if I ignored my past and showed you a glimpse of what I think the future holds? Or are you just here because months/years from now your friends sent you a link to something I wrote and it resonated enough for you to scroll back?

In this essay I will- Just kidding! Welcome to what is currently known as Featuring Marvin Lackey or FML for short. I’m your blogger extraordinaire Marvin Lackey, and today I want to give a brief rundown on what led me to this.

From a young age I’ve loved Entertainment to an almost unhealthy degree. With the help of my photographic memory I can still recall the alternate history that led to the Chimera invasion in the Resistance universe. I know more landmarks around Hogwarts/ Diagon Alley than I do around Chicago. Don’t even get me started on explaining wtf a Bugsnax is; I have an entire slideshow made. Writing was never my strong suit but if you ever let me start talking, it slowly turns into a reference laden seminar about something I had read, watched, or played that week.

I have been a budding games journalist for FOUR YEARS. I started podcasting and then began writing for a site called ANG or Alpha Nerds Guild (which is truly a terrible name). ANG was a Non profit organization that tries to help combat PTSD in veterans, first responders, and some civilians through video games (Not a terrible cause) where the writing team would all contribute at least two articles a month with no limit on your output as long as it avoided being political. Eventually, they started winding down their writers branch to focus more on their mission so I decided to try freelance writing. 

If you’ve never freelanced allow me to dissuade you rather quickly. I won’t name names but a company hired me to write something with an incredibly fast turnaround and very little information available. Once I scrounged together what I believed they wanted, they told me their editor would look it over and get back to me with payment information. It’s been over a year but they have yet to respond to the 4 follow-up emails I’ve sent. This is hopefully not the norm but it was enough of a learning experience to make me think twice on doing it again.

I then tried to become an entry level editor at all the big and small publications. Maybe my timing is cursed because I sent my application to G4TV right around when they relaunched, applied to Game Informer, IGN, Polygon, some publications overseas and even Kotaku [All crickets]. While I handle rejection well it started to look like my dream of writing about games was dying before my eyes. Then the mass layoffs began. G4 closed its doors again (RIP again sweet prince). Fanbyte got gutted by Tencent. Washington post disbanded Launcher, its whole gaming division and layoffs hit GameSpot, Game Informer, Giant Bomb and even Amazon, Google and Microsoft had to lay off dozens/ hundreds and 10,000 people in Microsoft’s case. Since I had applied to those exact companies only a handful of days before,I figured I might be a hiring Albatross or at worse a publisher grim reaper.

So that brings me to today. The purpose of this post- My new blog called Featuring Marvin Lackey or FML for short! A weekly* group of my thoughts on things. Sometimes I’ll be reviewing products I like or Interviewing people I’m curious about. Regardless, I would like to bring my effortless charm and expansive knowledge (both have been highly debated) to branch out and connect with audiences that are looking for new voices in the space. Originally I planned this to be a podcast but I want to work on my writing a bit more so I decided to hold off on that for the time being.

TL;DR: If you or a loved one has decided to be interested in personality based entertainment journalism and you want to support a writer who isn’t using shitty metrics to try and boost engagement or using AI to generate a carbon copy of the news without any form of nuance or opinion, then you’ve come to the right place. I cannot wait for us to grow together (just not para-socially. This is my blog, I don’t really know you).