ViewFinder : The Review

You are a post apocalyptic hipster armed with a reality changing polaroid camera. Of course you are gonna  save the world, you just have to finish taking pictures of your virtual cat first.

I will try to keep this one short. Viewfinder is something that came out of nowhere. Premiering during a state of play it looked like a blend of subliminal with a bit of portals ingenuity but revolving around a camera and photos that change the landscape. Developed by Sad Owl Studios Viewfinder is a 5 hour adventure through what I can only hope the metaverse can become.

One of the first obstacles you have to navigate is bridging the gap (pun intended) towards the teleporter

The story of Viewfinder is told to you through recordings and phone calls to an assistant you have monitoring you. You can honestly ignore most if not all of this if you just want to solve puzzles and move on. But I foolishly played this game while under the influence of mushrooms and the grim landscape they had under the surface surprised and entrenched me. Set in a dystopian future *surprised pika face* The world is on the brink of collapse due to lack of clean air and your character discovered an ancient simulation left behind by some of the scientists trying to solve this problem. Without spoiling the ending I liked the way they tied everything off at the end. It isn’t the typical everything is great at the end. I immediately wanted to go plant a tree or two and if they inspire at least one more person to do the same then in my opinion Sad Owl Studios have been successful on multiple fronts.

Its all a matter of perspective!

Gameplay revolves around utilizing polaroid’s and eventually a camera to solve all manner of puzzles. In the beginning it starts with you using photos of batteries to power up teleporters. Eventually you will need to figure out how to get to inaccessible rooms with limited photos. In one optional puzzle I spent 30 minutes in a feedback loop of taking photos, rotating them around to what I thought should be the solution just to be right back where I started. The game consists of five chapters dedicated to a different researcher in the simulation. Each chapter also introduces a different mechanic to the puzzles. By the final mission I felt ready to go into a level editor and destroy some people’s psyches but that will have to wait for a steam workshop or mod as that isn’t available at the time.

If you don’t align everything properly prepare to watch textures clash in often unexpected ways


Viewfinder is a short and wonderful puzzle game that doesn’t overstay its welcome and throws enough at you to keep you engaged for its 5-ish hour story. I loved the ingenuity in the puzzles that kept me scratching my head but never led me to a guide. More than once I got stuck and when I went to walk away I would come up with a crazy combination that would just happen to work. If you just want something pretty to look at you can also turn down the narrators and just cruise through the puzzles. Viewfinder is available currently on the PS5 and PC.

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